Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Houston - Manic

It is 2am and I can't sleep so I have succumbed to the exorbitant hotel internet charges so I can blog and skype. I would much rather be asleep after the last two incredibly manic days I have had.
Today I was in a class from 9-12, then a luncheon/lecture with Lesley Riley where I got to sit at the main table. Judy Murrah even introduced me to the room and I had to stand up and smile. Thanks to the Aussie's in the audience who gave me a lovely reception.
Yummy Chicken and feta salad and Lesley's talk was inspirational.

Then back to the class from 2-5. Class was with Alisa Burke who was just as terrific as I expected her to be. I love her techniques and a new quilt is well underway. I only wish I had a machine in my room as I would definitely be sewing right now. Isn't it great when the bug hits?

This is what a classroom looks like. I think there were about 20 students.

From 5-6 I rushed off to a local hotel to meet Sue Spargo which was great. A quick Gin and Tonic and then back to a 6-9 Class with Pokey Bolton on Gelatine Monoprinting.
What fun and now I have even more cool fabrics to take home.
Finally made it back to the hotel where I thought I would just have a quiet bowl of Tortilla Soup (my favourite and cheap dinner) to find Jenny Bowker and Helen Godden (who had just arrived) so gatecrashed and sat with them for a while.
A long long (but extremely fun) day and tomorrow is going to be even busier but I wouldn't change it for anything - except for more than 2hours sleep in a row which would be nice.

It is not that I am name dropping - it is just that everytime you turn a corner there is someone you know or have admired. This place is incredible and I am just so thrilled to be part of it this time!


camcas said...

Go on -name drop all you like-I'm sure that IS part of the fun.So much inspiration!Now- IF you were coming to Adelaide I would buy you a gin adn tonic and you could tell me ALL about it ...IF you were.....

Sue Dennis said...

See you soon in Houston Lisa. You are having the best time, even on no sleep!

Diane Wright said...

Now I wish I had opted for Market AND Festival. Your posts are whetting my appetite. I arrive tomorrow and I simply can not wait.