Wednesday, November 9, 2011

USA - Houston Festival

 This was my favourite quilt in Houston - the detail was incredible but even so - it didn't win a major prize.

 Here are three of the landscape quilts in my exhibition - all from Port Lincoln. Talented group of quilters down there
 Another angle of the exhibition. We had so much space it was terrific
This little village was curated by Kathy York and the houses were made by some very talented art quilters.
 My favourite button shop
 Caryl Bryer Fallert's winning quilt. All pieced in her precise exacting technique. A worthy winner in its category
 These artichoke flowers were another worthy winner.

 Here is Sally looking very happy in front of her quilt in my exhibition. There was always someone looking closely at it whenever I came by.
 Pokey Bolton working very hard as always. Now she has moved to Texas to take on her new job as Director of Creativity. They couldn't have picked a better person. She has probably done more for the art quilting world than anyone else I can think of.
 In one of my Thread Dyeing classes the ladies were very keen to add the dyes.
 I did a washout demonstration in the mens restroom as it was the closest water source and actually there were not that many men around.

 This was a view after dark from an outside window. So big and so quiet!
You can't believe how much of a buzz it was to see these signs with my name on them .
 This was my biggest class - and the fabric was flying. So much colour. I love it.

 I have bad feet and a bad back so I always hire one of these scooters to get around. Here I am on the walkway between the Hilton and the Convention Centre. My own little dragway.
 Here is my 'only in America' shot. A vending machine for Proactiv acne treatment in Houston airport.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
Thanks for posting some of your favourite Market experiences. When you can't be there in person it is great see what catches the eye.

Chriss said...

Love the carpet that you were driving across.Glad that you had such a wonderful time.

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So interesting article! I like it.

Unknown said...

Your favourite quilt is amazing, sad it didn't win something!!! Thanks for taking the detail shot.

By the way - the angry birds dolls in a post below that you mentioned you should have got one of are in pretty much every aussie market I've been to of late now too. We saw them first in Europe but now they are everywhere!!

Judy said...


Thanks for a look at some of your Houston moments, you must have so much to look back on and wonderful sources for your creativity in the future; I love your favourite quilt too shame it didn't win anything. Neat little Gopher your riding, I have one similar I need to go shopping on because of my arthitis, its a hoot to have such help.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a marvellous time, so much to absorb that I bet you needed a holiday when you came home ! It was a carpet you were riding on and not a quilt, wasn't it ?

Unknown said...

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