Thursday, April 2, 2015

Japanese Stencils Part 2

After yesterday's realisation that stencilling wouldn't work I created a thermofax screen of the stencil (the one on the right) thinking it would be more interesting than than the reverse.
 But it didn't really work - I just got solid patterned sections which were a bit block like I thought
 So back to Photoshop of the scanned image and I inverted the image and created another screen.
I was much happier with the prints then. To get a refresher on printing with Thermofax Screens click HERE.
 These have all been done on my hand dyed fabrics with opaque thickened fabric paint - I have a quite a lot both metallic and matte. My favourite is of course our GEM Paints
 Love this black and grey one

So I did the same with the next stencil
 I like these ones too

So what's next - I have about another 6 stencils which will be suitable so you will have to wait until I get more fabric printed. I will be having these available at the Australasian Quilt Convention  (AQC) in a couple of weeks along with lots more of our printed and painted and dyed fabrics. If you want to do it yourself we have everything you will need on the DYED & GONE TO HEAVEN WEBSITE. These thermofax screens will be added to our range as soon as possible.

All these techniques are fully explained in my ebook Fun & Easy Textile Surface Design Techniques available on Amazon

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