Wednesday, September 14, 2016


My contribution for the 2016 SAQA Benefit Auction started out as one of a collection of photos of tea sets I took on my last trip to Japan. I love the elegance and simplicity of the shapes.

Here is my original photo which I converted to black and white as I knew I wanted to make a thermofax screen from it.

I then played around in Photoshop and a few drawing programs to convert the image to a better line drawing
Here are some of the versions. The final one is in the bottom right hand corner. For a thermofax screen you need a sharp positive image
Here is my screen
I selected a suitable piece of my own shibori indigo dyed fabric. I have quite a bit as I teach it a lot and always add my own fabric to the vat when I can too.
I outline quilted the shapes and some of the texture marks

I was a bit stumped for a background quilting design until I found some quilting stencils in my studio which I've had forever and there were some Japanese design ones. I knew they would come in handy one day.
I pinned them with a chalk pouncer and then quilted over the chalk marks

So there you are - my 2016 SAQA Benefit Auction quilt Tea Set #1 as I know there are going to be more as I still have quite a few other designs to play with.

If you missed  Carolynn Collins quilt  on the 12th September just click on her name or see all of them again on the SAQA OCEANIA BLOG

As I am the last in the SAQA Oceania Blog Hop this year I want to thank you for your support and hope you get the quilt you want in the Auction.

The Auction kicks off in two days - 16th September and it's gong to be amazing

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SuzK said...

Perfect marraige of mind and materials!! I LOVE your piece.