Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sun Printing Video

I have decided to (try and) film a video each month to be released with my Newsletter so for the last few days Peter and I have been having a lot of fun filming and editing.
Here it is - I promise our technical expertise will improve with more experience

This first one was on Sun Printing with Transparent Fabric Paints and the weather was perfect for it.

Here are some of the resulting fabrics which really are so easy to make.
I've had such lovely feedback so far on the video and am always happy to get feedback as well as suggestions for future ones.

If you want to hear about them earlier please subscribe to my Newsletter or follow me on Facebook which is where I usually announce things first.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dye Day Workshop

On the weekend I ran my first workshop of the year and it was my new Dye Day and I was very pleased that it filled up so quickly.

We had perfect weather which is a great thing as we were working in the garden. Peter had cleaned up the garden which is always a plus.

We did a 12 step Rainbow, a 6 step gradation, a two colour run, parfait fabric, dyed threads and multicoloured pieces.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and of course Peter made a delicious lunch.

As it was so much fun I have already booked another on the 29th March and it is half full already.

I am also doing my new Print and Paint Workshop the next day where we will be creating Thermofax screens and working with different fabric paints to create our own original fabric. This one is also over half full so be quick if you want to join in the fun. Click here to book.

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Sometimes you just need to play. I often see interesting techniques or ideas online or in magazines and mean to get back to them sometime but just never do.
I have some time to experiment now so today I had a go. Amazingly I actually had everything I needed, Sari yarn (have had that for years and years), sheers and even a heat gun (unused I think)
So first up I knitted some of the sari yarn with big needle
and then fused it to a piece of green cotton with Misty Fuse (love this fusible) and covered it with a few pieces of sheer polyesters
Then did some free motion quilting to hold it all together

Then I hit it with the Heat gun to melt the sheers. Took it slowly at first but it took a while so then just kept the gun close. I'm quite pleased with the overall effect but it's a bit thick. Not sure what to do with it but might try the technique again with a finer yard.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Velvet Embossing

I really love playing with different fabrics and Hand Dyed Velvets are just so luscious to work with.

Embossing velvet is a lot of fun and I recently demonstrated this technique at Houston at the Mixed Media session. It was a lot of fun once the power came on. It is a bit hard to demonstrate with an iron if there is no power.

First I brushed some thick fabric paint onto a rubber stamp. You can use wooden, perspex or any stamp which can take a bit of heat. I have stabilised the velvet with some iron on lightweight stabiliser/interfacing. This makes it easier to cut and sew the velvet later. BTW - it only seems to work with Silk Velvet - I've tried it with cotton velvet and it just doesn't seem to work as well. My velvet is 18% Silk and 82% Rayon and works perfectly.
Place the stamp with the paint surface facing up and the velvet facing down and with a warm iron (no steam), press gently moving the iron around for 10-15 seconds.
Peel off the velvet off the stamp - it will stick a little as the paint should have now dried a bit.
Repeat over the surface of the velvet
Now it is ready to be cut up and used in your fabric creation. 
If you want to try this yourself I have put together some little kits of hand dyed velvet, Lumiere paint, a Sherrill Kahn Rubber stamp and a foam brush. Of course we have a rainbow of hand dyed velvet fat quarters too all on the

Sunday, December 8, 2013


Time for a refresh for me I think so I am offering these four older pieces for sale at reduced prices.

Contact me if you are interested. Overseas postage costs will be confirmed by email.


Hand dyed cotton with sliced agate featured piece embellished with beads
Frame 11" x 11" 
Artwork 7" x 7"

$100 + postage ($12.50 Aus)
Detail above



Hand dyed cotton with organza overlay and embellished with beads

Frame 11 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Artwork 5" x 5"

$60 + postage ($8 in Aus)   



Hand made felt with organza overlay embellished with beads

Frame 11 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Artwork 6" x 5"

$60 + postage ($8 in Aus)



Layered organiza embellished with couched yarns and embellished with beads

Frame 15" x 12"
Artwork 10" x 8"

$110 + postage ($12.50

in Aus)


Friday, December 6, 2013

TEXTures Stencils

I am always excited when I get a new release of stencils from Artistcellar.

They are a new set of Text based stencils from Jill Berry. Stencils from the abstracted calligraphic work from playful symbols to abstracted letters, these designs inspire, tell a story, and playfully express ideas, creatures, people, and words. All designs 6" x 6". I love putting text on fabric.

Here are a few before and after pieces which were really quick to do. I just used some Dual Textcraft paint and a stiff stencil brush over some samples from my Surface Design classes. It's all about layering and is a great way to improve some fairly average fabrics.

This is before


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Playing with Stencils and Stuff

I just felt like having a play with some new Stencils today.
These are the Tam's Whimsy and Tam's Inspirations ones which are very cute and happy designs.

I started with a fq of hand dyed cotton and the stencils
Using Tam's Inspirations and some thickened Textcraft Dual paints and a stiff stencil brush, I just brushed the paint lightly into some of the expressions. I didn't need to use all of them - just the ones that meant something to me.

 I moved the stencil slightly when it had dried and repeated it with a different colour (actually just played on the palette with the same brush

 Then I started painting some of the Tam's Whimsy stencils - the flowers

 And then the Butterflies
 Then the Stars and Hearts
 Soon I had a lovely sort of flowery collection.
Just to try a little more - I used a transparent Sun Dye Paint with a foam brush over a small section of the dried stencilled fabric.

 Finally I got out the Zig Fabric pen and outlined some of the stencil shapes.