Wednesday, March 2, 2016

New Stencils Set - Sacred Geometry 2

I love it when I get a new set of stencils.
This is the latest release from Artist Cellar and they are fabulous.They are the second in the Sacred Geometry series
Of course they are already on our website.
Seed of Life
Quattro Flower

Metatrons Cube

Golden Mean

The thing I like most about these is the ability to take either the whole image or just a section of them.
I started to have a play with some opaque metallic paints. Sometimes if you put too much paint on the stencil brush it gets a bit blobby

 Using little sections of the stencils create interesting designs too
 Realised there were great little hexagons. I am thinking of how I can do more with these.
Here is my finished sample. I can see I will be doing lots more with this series.
There is also a blog hop organised by Artist Cellar

February 29th - Lisa Cousineau/Artistcellar
March 1st - Stephanie Gagos 
March 2nd - Lisa Chin
 March 3rd - Linda Edkins Wyatt
March 4th - Sarah Trumpp
March 5th - Effy Wild
March 6th - Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal

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