Monday, November 28, 2005

A Weekend in the Country

I am fortunate enough to have a sister who lives in the country and have just visited her new home near Bungendore in country NSW. It is about half an hour from Canberra the capital of Australia which was created half way between the two largest cities of Sydney & Melbourne. The peace and quiet there is wonderful and full of inspiration. These are some of the sights.

Ghost Gums have wonderful bark which peels off to create brilliant texture and colours

Feeding time for the cockatoos - they are plentiful and noisy

Sunset on a stormy evening

The dam is full of yabbies and a couple of happy ducks

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1 comment:

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Fantastic photos, Lisa! I swear I must have been an Aussie in a previous life.....there is literally no where else on the face of the earth that pulls on me so....

Now, I want to see those pics come out in dyed cloth and quilts......

Cheers, Sarah