Sunday, August 20, 2006


I have been inspired to make some postcards for Virginia Spiegel's Fiber Art for a Cause so here is a brief description of my process for one of them.

I fused a piece of purple silk to Timtex and then ironed some strips of freezer paper around the edge to form a border. I then place a stencil over the postcard and sprinkled bonding powder over the whole thing and removed the stencil.

Then gold foil was place carefully on and ironed. Once it cooled I removed the foil and this is what remained.

Various blue & teal yarns were embroidered onto the postcard using a big darning needle

Finally chip and seed beads were stitched onto the card

It was then trimmed to size and fused to watercolour postcard and zig zag stitched around the edge with variagated thread.

Some other postcards were also finished off today and will be mailed to Virginia today. There are a couple of others half finished so more to come. Great way to play around with new techniques.


Jamie Fingal said...

your postcards are absolutely beautiful. I love the bright colors and especially the one on the end with the big bubbles. I am sure they will be snapped up as soon as the booth opens in Houston.

Nic Bridges said...

Like your new postcards!!