Saturday, August 26, 2006

a singular/synthesis

I went to a new exhibition yesterday with the work of Fiona Wright (above) and Jan Clark (below).
Unfortunately I didn't read the invitation carefully and was a day early. The exhibition was hanging but Fiona and Jan were not ther so I couldn't get a catalogue with names.

I did a felting workshop with Fiona recently and had a wonderful time. I even used some of my pieces in the recent postcards (below).

Jan and Fiona certainly have an amazing synthesis especially evident in a joint work which although demonstrates their individuality works brilliantly together

Fiona has given me permission to post a few photos so I hope you enjoy them. It was extremely difficult not to touch the works as both artists create brilliantly textural work.

For anyone in Sydney who enjoys textile art with texture and colour I really recommend a visit to the
Ewart Gallery - 33 Laurel St Willoughby from August 26 - September 9

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Sarah Ann Smith said...

Wow kiddo....great stuff! Am on day 5 of week 1 of Carol's class, and truly wish I could stay for week 2 THIS year! Your name HAS come up LOL....can't wait to see you in Houston...gotta run, time for breakfast and then cutting and taping those little squares,

cheers, Sarah