Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Latest Work

I had to do a challenge with a fairly average piece of Marimekko fabric and at the same time decided to enter the NSW Quilters Guild Calendar Competition so this killed two birds so to speak.

First I covered the piece with gold organza and heavily quilted it with square & rectangular spirals. After cutting away some of the shapes to expose the original fabric I thought it was interesting but lacked something (focus, interest, theme, wow factor - all of the above!).

So then I attacked it with the rotary cutter - a scary move and no rulers involved which accounts for the lack of accurate angles but I like it like that. I then placed some of these shapes onto a piece of rich green Thai silk which set off the gold.

Then the shapes were satin stitched onto the silk with orange thread which caused quite a few ripples in the silk. More quilting flattened it out. Still needed something so some additional orange silk shapes and of course beads finished it off.


Fruit Jar Nicky said...

It's greatness! Thanks for sharing the steps you took. So interesting!

Nic Bridges said...

Looks great - love the second incarnation, good things happen when you are brave.

Helen said...


You make it look so easy! What a great effect you got by cutting up the fabric.