Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Textures on Tour

I took far too many photos but there was so much to capture for memories - there has to be a quilt in there somewhere. Here is a selection.

It was Fall (Autumn to me) but there were beautiful colours everywhere.

These flowers must have been created in a prehistoric time

This looks like something a dinosaur may have left behind after dinner

More bark (but no bite)

Of course the wonderful Gingko leaves have inspired many quilts

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog and pics (I'm not the only one who stops as others rush past for an "arty" shot of flowers, bark and rocks - yay). Having spent two years in the US some 15 years back (pre quilting days)was glad to see pics of Yosemite, LA and Vegas too. Must go to Houston one day!

Cheers, Anne in Newport