Wednesday, December 13, 2006

1000 and Counting

I love the little counter I downloaded from Neoworx which shows flags for the countries who have visited your blog. I was very excited to notice early today that I was up to 997 visitors since I installed the counter. So I shared my excitement with the Quiltart list and within minutes I had my 1000th visitor - recent IQA Houston award winner Maria Elkins and I will be sending her a little gift from Down Under. Maria also runs the Lost Quilt Website which has helped many quilts find their way home.

I have also added some more of my latest hand painted fabrics which are a perfect way to spend a sunny summer day and join the other recent ones on my website.

By the end of the day my blog had over 1100 visitors which is wonderful. Thanks to those who visited and especially those who left comments.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

I LOVE the little flags, and love that bottom piece of fabric even more....the jungle is me?

Wish I could find time to dye. Have been after a plumber to give me an estimate on a sink in the basement for nearly a month.... I want to play with COLOR!

Hope to have my mac by the end of January.... will let you know as soon as I figure out the camera thing!

Cheers, Sarah

Michelle said...

I loved the little flags so much I went to Neoworx and put the counter on my web site. I posted it yesterday and already I've had 616 visitors from 14 countries.

Thanks a million Michelle :)