Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Perfect Afternoon

Some days are just meant to be shared. I was fortunate enough to be taken to lunch today for a pre-Christmas celebration. The restaurant was Cafe Sydney which is on the top of a small heritage building in Sydney on the harbour within walking distance to the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.
In the foyer there is a model of Sydney under glass which you don't notice until you find yourself walking over it.

It was a perfect Sydney Summer day so I thought I would give my Northern Hemisphere friends a glimpse of heaven.

This was the view from our terrace table.

My other passion is food so I have included some shots of our meals just to whet your appetite.
My cocktail was called a Zombie - can't remember what was in it but it was truely delightful.

An entree (appetiser for my US readers) of Beetroot Tart with Chevre.

Wonderfully moist beef.

King Chermoula Prawns but I have to stop here - getting hungry again. Hope you enjoy this snapshot.

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