Monday, January 1, 2007

NYE on Sydney Harbour

We were fortunate enough to be invited onto a cruise boat on Sydney Harbour last night for New Years Eve and it was a wonderful night.

This is the sister boat of the one we were on and the food was great too. This is the seafood starter.

The cruise started before sunset so, although cloudy and a bit overcast, no rain fell and the winds dropped to give us a spectacular evening. Crowds started to gather on the Harbour edges very early in the day.

The Harbour Bridge - celebrating its 75th birthday - is always a focal point for the evening with the Sydney Opera House as a perfect backdrop - or is it the other way around?

We travelled round and round the Harbour all evening. The smiling face belongs to Luna Park - another Sydney Icon.

Of course the Fireworks topped off a perfect evening.


Alison said...

Some great fire works pics. Instant inspiration.

Fruit Jar Nicky said...

I'm envious!! What a great way to spend New Year's Eve.

Helen said...

Great photos and I'm glad the food was great too. You must have a great camera to take those photos in the dark. I went on an evening dinner cruise in Bangkok a few years ago and the photos I took were too dark to see anything much. Mind you what I know about photography can be written on the back of a postage stamp

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Well it may have been done a zillion times, but the fireworks from the bridge are still and always spectacular... I hope someday to cross that bridge in person!

I'm glad it was a wonderful evening, albeit late...and that you could sleep in LATE the next day! Back to work today (or at this point, yesterday for you)?
|Hugs, Sarah