Friday, January 19, 2007


I have been tagged! Not sure how but I noticed a lot of visits to my blog from Palmabella's Passion who very kindly said mine was the prettiest blog she had seen. Thanks so much for that.
Anyway I apparently have to tell you six weird things about myself and introduce you to six new blogs so here goes. Not sure if they classify as wierd.....

  • I would rather eat raw fish than cooked
  • I can't start a new project until I tidy my studio about 3 times (fear of failure?)
  • I like to finish things like food/jars/bathroom stuff before opening a new one but can have many artistic projects on the go at the same time
  • I worry obsessively (about everything!) even if it is really insignificant.
  • I absolutely hate exercise - no matter how much I need it
  • I always order different things in restaurants - even if I have been there before and loved something - I thrive on variety
Blogs which inspire me

  • Nic - she and I always seem to be on the same wavelength creatively.
  • KT - her photos and comments on life are inspirational
  • Jenny - grasping fragments of her life and perspectives on another world is addictive
  • Brenda - seemingly as addicted to blogging as me and very generous with information
  • Maggie - brief glipses of life in Sydney from a supportive friend
  • Sarah - her excitement, enthusiasm and energy is always able to renew mine


Ferret said...

I so agree on the fish. It is only food whilst raw.

Sarah Ann Smith said...

Well, I'll pass on the fish but THANK OU! It has obviously been way too long since I've surfed the blogs, and yours in particular! What a sweetie...does this mean I've been tagged????

Now I'm gonna go read about Japan...I've been to Hakone, too! Can't wait to read what goes with the pics! Hugs, Sarah