Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tokyo Day Three

Today was a day for staying in Tokyo. I had great plans for buying beads but unfortunately the stores, although they did have beads, were not the bulk wholesale, buy an obscene amount of beads type ones. They had lots of quite expensive beads in tiny little bags which is no fun at all. I like filling big bags with scoops of beads like lollies so it was easy to refrain. Very disappointing but to be truthful - I need more beads like a hole in the head.

We then went to Akihabara which is the computer and electronics capital of Toyko. You can sense it the minute you walk off the train. It is an amazing cacophany of lights colour and noise and definitely not for the faint hearted. We managed to find the Mac store where we lusted after the enormous screens and sleek lines but only bought a modem for when I can't get wireless. Still can't get it to work but luckily our hotel has wireless in the foyer which is where I am now. If you are a computer or phone or just electronic gadget freak then this is the place for you. Even saw ear buds for your iPod for only $800 - but I bet they sound wonderful.

Onto the train again and ended up in Eueno which provided yet another cheap but delicious lunch and then a walk through the market which had prawns and fish alongside jeans and japanese souvenirs. We bought a bag of our favourite new snack food - dried mangoes - very moorish. Then into the large park which also contains the zoo complete with Pandas but we didn't go in. These covered bananas looked interesting but not interesting enough to try.

We were fascinated by this collection of about 200 men sitting on newspapers on the ground being sung to. We soon realised that, even in Japanese, this was a Christian religious gathering. We suspect it was a, sit and listen to us and you will get some food and maybe a new blanket type gathering.

Back for a sleep as our feet were weary and then a couple of train connections to Shinjuku where we ate in a hole in the wall bbq cafe. Very yummy!

A wander around looking at the lights is a must.

Pity the Godiva chocolate shop in the railway station was just closing so we couldn't have a hot chocolate but maybe tomorrow. Just what I need before a trip on the crowded trains again.

End of another fascinating day in Tokyo.

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jude said...

looks like a great trip, tks for sharing.