Saturday, March 31, 2007

Breaking the Drought Workshop

Today I started a new workshop for Breaking the Drought - a quilt originally commissioned by Janome to demonstrate the 6500 sewing machine. This quilt has travelled more than me and now I am teaching it as a workshop.

First we embellished the fabrics using a variety of embroidery, couching and applique techniques.

This was the first time many of the students had ventured beyond the basics of their machines and after intial hesitation the machines were whirring away happily. Many students were travelling well outside their comfort zones in terms of techniques and colours but they certainly seemd to enjoy themselves.

So many braids - which one to choose

Ahhh - is that what couching is!

Here are some pieces of the fabric groups at the end of the day

Next class we will piece the tops and start some free motion quilting. Should be fun!


Anne said...

Lisa, I found your blog through Artful quilters ring. I'm intrigued by this method of embellishment. It doesn't look hard, somehting I could do. I'd love to take your workshop, but since I'm in the states, it's a bit impossible. What will you use these pieces for? How do you do it? Ah, so many questions!


Lisa Walton said...

Thanks - the embellishments are not difficult - We just play around with the features on your machine and by doing it on the fabrics before you cut them up and piece them it is much easier. I would love to teach in the US one day (big goal).
They form the basis of my Breaking the Drought quilt and the pattern and fabric are available on my website The pattern is also available in the USA through