Saturday, May 26, 2007

Cover Girl

The latest Down Under Quilts arrived this week and I was thrilled to see that my quilt Delicious was on the cover. Always gives my a thrill to see my work in print but to have it on a cover is wonderfully special.

This quilt was the result of an accident when I was looking to create something yummy out of some boring fabric. A whole armful of dull fabric was thrown in the same bucket and out came a wonderful set ranging from green to russet brown. Wish I could remember what the original colours were and what colour I dyed them in. It was a happy accident and some of the resulting colours were used in this quilt.

I also used thin strips of a painted piece of fabric to add that bit of zing. It is one of the simplest designs I have done. I will post a full picture of the quilt once I get a decent one.

This is a photo of the back showing the quilting.


QuiltingFitzy said...

Congrats on being a Cover Girl.

Can I be you when I grow up? (Fear not, I believe I'm older anyway, lol.)

Will enjoy seeing the whole quilt whenever possible.

zquilts said...

That's awesome Lisa !
Way to go !
Marie Johansen

Sarah Ann Smith said...

WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! You go girl! That is awesome (and I love the quilt, too!)....

It has been an INSANE week.... I can't believe it is Thursday, and I need to finish koi by next Weds or so to make the entry deadline to off I go. Way to go!