Sunday, May 6, 2007


Last weekend I was a tutor at Dookie which is a small town in country Victoria. The venue was at the Agricultural college and the smell of sheep and pigs was genuine and sometimes overpowering but great for this city girl.
The sheep didn't like me though

This was the cottage where the tutors were housed. It was so peaceful and calming.

About 100 enthusiastic students spent two days with an assortment of tutors. I taught my two day beading class and certainly feel I have converted some quilters over to the dark side of beading. We had a lot of laughs and this was supplemented by a seemingly unending procession of meals and afternoon and morning teas.

This was my classroom block - lots of light and desks and whiteboards - everything you need.

Lots of nature, gum blossoms and earthy smells.

I kept forgetting to take my camera to my class but did take it on my early morning walk and also popped down to the early starting Indigo dyeing class which looked like a lot of fun.

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