Wednesday, June 27, 2007


What a day! having previously been notified that both my entries had won prizes at the Sydney Quilt Show I still had to wait until this morning to find out exactly which ones. There are four places in the categories I had entered so did not hold out great expectations.
My friend and quilter Nic Bridges had also been told she had won two so we waited nervously at the presentation. The first award was our quilt which we had collaborated on and we were thrilled to hear it had won First Prize! Absolutely incredible but we were so excited.

It is called Squared Up and each square is either painted or textured or stamped etc.

This was quickly followed by Nic winning another First and then we both won seconds for our other quilts. Mine is called Sheer Magic and is multilayered hand dyed cotton and organiza with lots of beads.

Each prize winner also receives a queen size batting so our pile quickly grew. The full list of winners has been posted on the Guild website. This includes the mind boggling Best of Show by Mariya Waters which has to be seen to be belived. It is magnificent!

As well as that excitement - we had a wonderful day at our booth with many people coming up to congratulate us. It was such fun although by close of the day our feet and voices were nearly gone. Only four more days to go but I know I will love them all.


Helen said...

Congratulations! Yes the Best of Show is mind-boggling. I wish I could see it in the flesh.

jude said...


Carol Soderlund said...

A big congrats! They are both wonderful but I LOVE the blue and green one. I want to see it much closer!

Rhonda said...

They are both gorgeous, Lisa. Congratulations!! I'm looking ofrward to seeing them "in the flesh" very soon.

Tanya Brown said...

These are marvelous, and I'll bet they're even more wonderful in person.