Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday Rain

I love the wet weather especially as it is filling our dams but not on a day when I had 20m of fabric needing drying for a special order. The sun would come out and so we would rush it out and then the skies would open up again. In the end we had it draped all over the living room much to the amusement of the repair man who arrived.

I am thinking of having a trading table at the local Embroiderers Guild exhibition and so asked my quilters list for advice on whether or not it would be a good idea. I was astounded at the number of quilters/embroiderers who responded (mostly positively). It is very interesting how we don't stick to one interest and the generosity of advice was greatly appreciated. I have decided to go ahead with the stall as there seems to be a lot of interest in going outside the normal traditional embroidery.

I also found a few pieces of work in my studio which I think will, with the addition of a few beads, will might possibly frame up well for my exhibition which is not too far away.

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Christine said...

Oh Lisa, it will be great to see you at our EG exhbition in October. I find at the Craft Shows that there are just SOOO many stalls that I get overwhelmed with too many choices, and hopefully it will be a more specialized group of traders (no scrapbookers or stampers there, but you never know I suppose)You should do well.
Hooroo, Christine