Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Unexpected Treat

Why do you never explore your own city? Today I suggested a visit to a Tapestry Exhibition (I love not having to go to work) at a gallery on Observatory Hill which is one of the oldest areas in Sydney. Not only were the Tapestries absolutely stunning (no photos allowed I'm afraid) but close by was the Sydney Observatory.

which has to have one of the best views in the city overlooking the Harbour Bridge.

These fig trees are hundred of years old - if only they could talk.

These steps lead down to some of the oldest houses in Sydney and they are still in use but I expect are very small. That is a front door right at the bottom.

This is the copper roof inside one of the domes of the observatory. It is multicoloured as some of the copper has been replaced.

I have travelled on this wonderful curved road cut out of solid Sydney Sandstone hundreds of time but never been able to look down onto it like this.

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