Friday, August 31, 2007


No sooner do my human guests escape from our clutches than our next guests arrive. This time is the feline variety who usually are the spoilt children of darling daughter (see previous post).
Now there haven't been cats here in a long while although hopefully they will find our not so friendly rodent visitor an interesting playmate.

Worse than children although I think the water bowls are pretty cute

At least this one has taste although if I could teach her to cut this mountain of fabric I would be happy.

Let's find the most awkward spot to hide. Guess it fancied the champagne.

Now out of the hiding spot - this one thought the bathroom cabinet was a comfortable spot


Anonymous said...

Love the photos of the cats. Thanks for Wednesday night it was lovely.


zquilts said...

You'll want a cat before long ! They look like very sweet "kidz" !

Nola said...

How cute the bowls are (and the cats)!
Captions: "I like it here, she's made this interesting bed just for me".
"Drat, she found me. Have to hide again..."
"Why did they leave those funny bottles here? They really get in my way."

Watch out, cat owning can be addictive.