Sunday, October 28, 2007


Everything is all packed up and with a lovely Vietnamese meal on the way home to finish up the day I can say that it has been a great couple of days.

Great show but I am really tired but a good nights' sleep will revive me I hope.

One thing that does worry me about the show is that there is a stand selling baby dolls. They are very realistic and I will admit that I have not looked too closely at them but they seem to be complete. I am not sure what their purpose is! As they are dressed and there doesn't seem to be anything extra you can do with them I wonder why they are at the show. I know there is a wonderful craft of painting and making dolls but these are complete so I really don't know.

What really freaks me out is that I kept seeing them being carried around the show by ladies of all ages as if they are real. They are very spooky. I still laugh at my son coming to me at the Sydney Show asking why they were selling dead babies?

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keryn said...

That humid crib setup was freaky! I can't imagine why that was there. Still, plenty of people like them...

I'm still stroking my FQ bundle and trying to decide what to sew first. Lovely colours, and the fabric feels wonderful. Tell Peter he does a great job.