Saturday, November 24, 2007

Beautiful Braidwood

We have just returned from Braidwood which is near our capital city Canberra and about 3 hours drive from home. Every year there is a Hanging of the Quilts weekend where they decorate the main street with quilts and have a quilt show as well as the monthly market which coincides with the festival as well. Braidwood is a classic Australian country town which is unfortunately fading away with many empty stores but once a year blossoms.

The weather was kind to us this year. The week leading up to today has been very wet there which was needed but today the sun rose on a cloudy cool day with no wind. Perfect for the quilts and the market. Here is the main street at 5am when we set out to the park to lay claim to our spot for a stand. Bit quiet here but it gets very busy later.

We are very adaptable and once we established our position we used the framework to hang some quilts. Luckily the sun didn't peek through the clouds too often as this year we were out in the open instead of under the trees. There were over 90 stalls so it all got much busier later.

Next to us was a couple who have set up an animal refuge for orphan wildlife. They were selling a calendar full of wombat photos and brought along this orphaned kangaroo to attract attention which it certainly did.

We had a great day, caught up with lots of friends, students and lovers of hand dyes.

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jenclair said...

It does sound like a lovely day and a lovely town. What fun to have this annual event in beautiful surroundings and to be able to share the pleasure with friends who enjoy and appreciate the same things.