Monday, December 17, 2007

A Feast for the Senses

We are fortunate in Australia to have many brilliant chefs. Kylie Kwong is one of them. She is amazing and we eat many of her recipes every week from one of her earlier cookbooks. They are of Chinese flavour but with local touches and so easy to cook.

She has recently released another book called My China where she travels all over China and includes the most wonderful recipes (all my favourites from my travels too). I knew I would love this book when the opening page was a lush chinese embroidery.

As the title of the post indicates - it is not just the recipes which make this book brilliant. The photos and photo collages are inspirational and I plan to read it from cover to cover as soon as I can and make as many of the recipes too of course.

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Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh drat... another one to add to my Amazon wish list..... AND love the new logo. Hooray for you!