Friday, January 25, 2008

More on Take it Further

Other things are getting in the way with this challenge as the year starts to wake up. We are madly preparing for the Australian Quilt Convention in Melbourne in a few short weeks. As usual our house looks like a fabric factory with boxes and hand dyed fabric everywhere. Not helped by Peter finally taking his dream trip to India to a major book fair in Calcutta. I don't cope well with heat, crowds and lots of walking so I am staying home this time - upcoming quilt deadline also helped make the decision easier.

But I inch along slowly on my challenge.
I have cut a stamp using my tentmakers quilt detail. First one was not too good as the lines don't match so I cut another with just the motif. Worked a bit better.

Stamped onto hand dyed fabrics (of course) and now I need to put it together with some of the words Jenny has inspired me with.

Hopefully it will be finished in time but if not........


Tanguera said...

These are fabulous!

verobirdie said...

Lol, I've just saw the cities online on the right. :-)
Your stamp is great and it makes wonderful patterns.

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Lisa - just found your blog via TIF! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! So interesting, so beautiful - all of it! Especially love your embellisher pieces with the stitching and beading.

Nola said...

The stamped pieces look great! What medium did you cut the stamps from?

Do you have to create a finished work every time? Or just take it further? Sometimes the journey is as in teresting as the destination.

Jenny said...

The stamps are a brilliant idea Lisa - and what on earth did I say to inspire you??


Jenny said...

OK - very dumb of me - I just found the answer and I knew about it anyway!!