Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fabrics coming home

I love it when people send photos of quilts that they have made from my designs or our fabrics. Today I have two to show you.

Gail has made my Outback Nights quilt as a present for her son and daughter in law to celebrate their anninversary. She even managed to get it finished well before time. Her son and daughter in law love camping in the outback so this design really appealed to Gail.

Chris has made this quilt using our multicoloured fabric for the wide middle border. This quilt has been made for a dear friend fighting a battle with cancer as a gift for her partner. I hope it will give her great pleasure.

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Linda said...

These quilts are lovely, it must be great to see your fabrics again like this! Would you like me to send you a pic of my kookaburra quilt with your fabric in it? (I know you've seen it on my blog already)