Friday, May 2, 2008

Wonderful News - Doubled

My great news this week is that I don't need back surgery. This has been hanging over me for a couple of months. Consequently, as I has not planned anything for a period of about 6-8 weeks later in the year just in case, I am now facing a long period of inactivity. Well not really, but no teaching or shows booked. I guess I could just chain myself to the sewing machine but that might wear thin after a while.

So we have decided to go on a trip to the UK (that's the other news). Peter is English and so is quite keen as he has family and friends there and I have only been for a few days for work which didn't count.

I have, on the off chance there might be a group or store interested, sent my resume and class information to the UK Guilds but it is pretty short notice (September). Of course most places are already well organized but I thought I would just post it here in case.

We have no itinery yet so if you are interested in getting more details about a workshop or talk please contact me.

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Dale Anne Potter said...

OH I'm envious the sound must have been FABULOUS in there! Isn't she GREAT!
She's from the small town in Alberta (Consort) that is 40 minutes from my hometown of Oye, Alberta, Canada!
She'll be touring here soon!