Monday, June 16, 2008

Taking a Break from Blogging

I am going to take a break for a while mainly due to some unpleasantness recently relating to blog posts. This has distressed me greatly and turned something I really enjoyed doing into something that really upset me.
I may return sometime.
Thanks to the many of you who did make it worthwhile.


zquilts said...

OMG Lisa - what did I miss?
Don't take what people say to heart. I would miss your blog posts !

Hermione Agee said...

I'll miss your blog while you're on a break and I hope you come back sooner rather than later ;o) I'm hoping to counteract some of the bad stuff by telling you I love your blog and I've read every post since the first day I found it. It's become part of my day to check it out and live vicariously through your creative journey. Come back soon :)

rozhearts said...

Hi Lisa,
I definitly agree with Hermione. Your blog has become a part of my daily readings as well and I sure will miss it.
I am sending you good vibes and hope soon you will return to blogland.
Keep on creating your talents are worth bottling LOL.
Regards Roslyn

Jenny said...

Hi Lisa

I have loved reading your blog and seeing your wonderful work, it has been truly inspiring. It is great finding out a little about how people work.

I am sorry to hear that some people have been unpleasant and hope you get lots of good wishes to make you feel better.

Jenny White

Linda said...

Sorry to hear that, there really are idiots in cyberspace... Enjoy the break, I hope you will be back!
PS Congrats on your prize at the Sydney show! The quilt is gorgeous!

Mary-anne said...

I love your blog Lisa - enjoy the break and come back really soon

Helen Conway said...

But I've only just found you! How sad to (temporarily) lose you so soon. Do come back when you feel able.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, don't leave us for too long. I love reading your blog. I really enjoy reading and looking at your textile journey- doing things I wish I could. Please believe that the many of us who love what you do must far outweigh the troublesome few.

carrie said...

What a shame, Lisa. Don't stay away too long

Anonymous said...

Oh rats!! I LOVE reading your blog, please don't stay away too long.

Anonymous said...

For me too, you are part of my daily read list. I'll miss your posts and beautiful pictures of your work and Australia. A few little unkind and thoughtless words can make us all feel so small, especially cyber words. I hope you'll post again soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh and to think I just discovered your blog and added to my list of favorites. Now I am sad :[ I hope you will come back soon...your pictures are terrific (and we share the same birthday).

Take Care,

Stacy said...

I have you on direct feed and will miss your lovely art & blog. Come back soon!

Margot said...

Dear Lisa,

Inspirations is part of my regular round of wonderful reading on the internet. As a quilter who does indeed get inspiration from you and the other generous people who share their talents and skills in this way it is such a pleasure to be able to switch off from the daily drudgery and escape for a few moments to that art place we all need. Please come back soon! M

Lynne said...

I'll miss your blog entries, I'm set up to receive them automatically into my google reader. Come back soon. I thought Bushfire Sunset and Desert Dreams were wonderful and I get so much inspiration from seeing other people's beautiful work. Looking forward to your next post when you're ready.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa,

I shall miss your blog very much, but can understand how you feel, do hope you will come back one day.


Lindi said...

Please don't stay away too long, Lisa. Too many of us delight in your posts and will feel the vacuum.
Congratulations on your success at the Show. It is well deserved!

judith T said...

sorry to hear about the problems. I enjoy reading the blogs from the squilters blog lists very much and I do so much enjoy your quilts.
just to let you know we aren't all unpleasant and appreciate the your site.
Judith Thomson

Anonymous said...

Lisa - I'm so sorry to hear you'll be taking a blog break. Hope you can come back SOONEST!