Friday, July 4, 2008

And the Winner is...

I think of all the suggestions (and thanks so much for them) that I think Utopia is my favourite. I like Al's comment - "When I look at your beautiful piece, it reminds me of looking down on a valley from a height, and it reminds me of many aspects of our life that seem to be vanishing... the lush green river flats, rivers meandering through a valley, full of water and life, and the centre piece made me think of a beautiful oasis, a haven rich in promise....". Thanks Al.

The variety of comments was amazing and some wonderful names were thought up. I love it that it evoked such a wide range of emotions.

Thanks so much to everyone who wrote.

I spent this morning at the NSW Quilters Guild listening to Nic Bridges give a presentation of her work. There was some serious quilting magic on display.

Also for locals near Sydney quilters/textile artists - a reminder that I am teaching my Creative Beading Workshop for the NSW Guild on Saturday 12th. It is the City Office and there are vacancies if you are interested in creating your own Utopia or just want to embellish your quilts with a little beading then this is the workshop for you.

Melbourne locals might be interested in the beading workshop I am holding in conjunction with the Quilt & Craft Show on July 23rd. For those who did the workshop at the AQC - this is the next in the series although no beading experience is required to do this one.

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