Thursday, July 10, 2008

DVD Delivery

Today I received my copies of the latest issue of Quilters Companion (Issue No 32) which comes with a fabulous DVD. OK maybe not so fabulous but it is the one I filmed a few months ago with my project Aurora.

I watched it with great trepidation and once the first few (very nervous) minutes passed I appeared a lot more relaxed. Phew! Peter did still chuckle a lot though.

Anyway - the proof will be in the feedback I guess.

Kits containing unique hand painted fabric and coordinating beads & beading thread are available and I also have magazines with the DVD so if you are not able to pick up one locally then I can send one to you.


RHONDA said...

Oh, Lisa! This is gorgeous!! And I have some of your yummy fabric! All I need now is for you to quilt one for me as well...(grin)

Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely stunning piece. Your fabric is beautiful.
So glad you're back to blogging.

Judy said...

Hi! Lisa,

Congratulations, I cant wait for my Quilters Companion to arrive to view the DVD, I love your Aurora quilt.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, this is really sunning! Can't wait to get my copy and watch your DVD. Well done!

Judy said...


I'm back again! Great DVD and you looked super, the hints on quilting and beading very useful as is the whole DVD.

Deirdre said...

Great work! Its hard to decide which part I like more - the beading, the quilting, the dyed fabric! LOL

I know how busy you are, but decided to give you an award anyway, I enjoy visiting your blog and wanted to share your site.

:-D eirdre