Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quilt Comes Home Too

About two years ago I submitted a quilt to be included in the inaugural Exhibition at the Ricky Timms Gallery in La Veta CO. Amazingly it was accepted and off it went. Very little was ever mentioned about the gallery again and the travelling exhibitions so I expected that it was sitting in a storeroom somewhere in the wilds of Colorado.

One day out of the blue I received an email telling me that the quilt was hanging in the final venue and would be sent home at the end of July.

Well - it arrived home today and I was pleased to get it. It was one of my first beaded works and a favourite so I am thrilled to see it again. For those of you new to my blog I will show it to you now.

It is called Beneath the Surface and is now for sale if you are interested.


camcas said...

love the colours you have chose lisa and the beautiful clos quilting. I am still having a ball with my beads- lately I have been making ATC's with beading. So glad I did that class with you. Would love you to come to SA and perhaps do an embellisher class??

Melinda said...

Wow! Really beautiful. I love the cool colours and the contrasting quilting that goes across all of the layers.

Gudonya! said...

THIS...IS...BEAUTIFUL! Wow! In fact, I just happened upon your blog (via Lindi) and I have been loving your work! You are extremely talented and I hope it's ok that I'm adding you to my blogroll. If not, it's ok - just let me know, ok?

THANX! I look forward to visiting you often!! Sorry, but I really feel compelled to say it again... WOW!! :o)

xo debmarie xo