Sunday, August 24, 2008

Two Sleeps to Go

The last days before you go away are always frantic. You suddenly remember all the things you really meant to do before you left. Also having people staying in your house forces you to finally get around to doing some serious housework just in case they realise you are really not the perfect housewife - no - nobody would ever think that of me.
Tonight we ate out with friends at a Lebanese restaurant - note to self - don't drink Lebanese coffee at night even if it is included in the banquet - big mistake!
Sometimes interesting things turn up in the strangest places - these are the copper basins and taps in the restrooms - so wonderful I just wanted to rip one out and take it home but I suspect I would not have been popular

Even the tablecloth (under glass unfortunately) provided inspiration.

Tomorrow I think I really should start packing - always a last minute task that I procrastinate about forever.

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