Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bramble Patch Workshop

How exciting to be teaching my first overseas workshop at such a wonderful store - The Bramble Patch

My students were friendly and welcoming and within minutes I felt quite at home - even on the other side of the planet. Quilters are like that everywhere aren't they. We have an instant connection.

I have had a wonderful two days and the resulting quilts are going to be absolutely amazing.

This store has everything and would love to have it as my local store.


Nic Bridges said...

Looks fabulous - I wish I was there!!!!

Tricks said...

Hi Lisa,
So glad that our English quilters have made you feel welcome. Looks like you've been busy and done some wonderful things.
Do you know, you have shown me something I didn't know about my own country, I didn't know that they had punts on the Cam, well, you learn something new everyday and also from the most amazing sources. I love to see what visitors make of our country. Thanks for sharing Tricia

carrie said...

Lucky quilters, to get to your class. I really wish I had been able to go but circumstances prevented my booking a place. Looking forward to seeing the results :)