Friday, September 12, 2008


What an interesting city. We have spent two days there and I have learnt more about English History in the last few days than in my lifetime. Gloria Hansen has also just posted about her visit so you can check out more photos on her blog too.

York Minister is the largest church for miles around which is unfortunately disintegrating so the damaged exterior stones are being replaced in a costly slow exercise. These are some of the damaged stones.

Peter staring up at the ceiling

This couple were much older than us but managed to climb the tower - complete with raincoat covered knapsacks. We, on the other hand, piked out about 50 steps into the 272 step tower. Such pathetic creatures we are.

This wall is all that is left of a Catholic church which was destroyed on the command of Henry VIII. Squirrel is a lot younger and I love the bits of columns placed around the place to sit on.

We ate (twice) in this restaurant. It was originally the Assembly Rooms and very grand - and the food was excellent too.

The city is also hosting an exhibition of reproductions all over the city. I am hopefully going to see the original next week in London.

York was also recently the victim of a bit of a flood.

The highlight of the visit for me however was a visit to the new Quilt Museum. I couldn't take photos of the exhibition but it is really a brilliant venue and the Guild are rightly proud of their new home.


Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh what fun to travel vicariously with you.... Isn't York AWESOME? I visited there when I was at a semester abroad (in London) when I was in university. I didn't attend many classes then, but learned SO MUCH travelling, going to museums, getting rush tickets to the theatre... I had recently done a course in Art History, and it was wonderful to be able to look at the York Minster and take it apart visually, figuring out OK, this was this type of building, then came this period with these details....

DO enjoy another cream tea or two for me! Again, I"ll be happy to add the calories to my hips for you! {grin} Stay safe and healthy and enjoy!

Cheers, Sarah

Tricks said...

Hi again Lisa,
Well, did you go to "The Shambles" Surely you didn't miss that very famous street?
My mother lived there between the wars I think. She told me all the history when I was growing up, especially about Margaret Clithero.

Behind that street there was a slaughter house. But underneath there were tunnels leading to a place where the priests would hold mass in secret when Henry did his dreaded dead in the Reformation. Being Roman Catholic my Mum had to tell me all about it.

Glad you enjoyed York. Good luck on the rest of your tour Tricia

Savannah said...

Great work.