Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Book Bonanza

While I was away I had time to check out many books and so purchased quite a few from Book Depository which are arriving at regular intervals - just like Christmas. I love Book Depository as they have free shipping as well as a comparison price with Amazon and they always win out.

But today's mail brought another purchase - Robin Atkins latest book - Heart to Hands - Beaded Embroidery direct from Robin. Now I quite often just flick through books when I get them and sometimes wonder why I bothered. In fact I sometimes wonder why the author bothered but that is a different story. Not so this time!!
I read it cover to cover before I put it down and am so inspired by Robin and her work (again). She has not only given more of herself and what drives her than you could ever expect from a craft book, she has also come up with new ideas and techniques that I am just itching to try.

I really recommend this book to anyone who is even the slightest bit interested in Beading - you will become addicted very quickly - just like me.

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Robin said...

To say that you read my book cover to cover immediately upon receiving it is just the most fabulous compliment!!!! Thank you! In my opinion, the connection between our heart and our hands, the voice of our heart often squelched by our superior brain, is what makes our needle work so important. I try to honor my heart by revealing it through my beadwork and my writing. I so appreciate that you tuned into it!

Beady blessings,