Thursday, October 16, 2008


The reason I was looking for a soldering iron (in the previous post) was to have another try at fusing fabrics based on Margaret Beal's book.

I need a lot more practice but quite like the effect and will certainly be trying more when I get some free time which unfortunately won't be for a few weeks.


Lindi said...

Lisa, that looks like fun! I like the results of your play. That is one more book to add to my wish list.

Judy said...


Now that does sound interesting - I bought Fusing Fabric a few months ago but have not been game to make an attempt yet, love to hear and see how you go you have inspired me to try. Took delivery of Hot Textiles a few days ago and like the look, somwhat different approach but adds to my info.

Goodluck with your Fabric Fusing when you get the time.