Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We have been painting and dyeing a lot of fabrics recently to build up stock as I am about to go under the surgeon's knife and won't be able to dye or paint (or walk) for a few months.

These are some of the multicoloured pieces I have done recently. They are the type of fabrics I send out for my Monthly Metre Club so if they appeal to you let me know (they are one metre pieces for AUD$30) or even better - join the Club and get them much cheaper.


Anonymous said...

as long as you are in controlled unconsciousness while under the surgeons knife it shouldnt be too bad!!!!
ans rest assured thier blades are nice and sharp!!
seriously though Lisa All the best for a speedy recovery and a good painfree result ! camcas

Judy said...


Goodluck with the surgery and recovery, I am sure you will feel much better after it is all over and you are back on your feet.

Lisar said...

All the best for your surgery...hope you are feeling HEAPS better in the months to come and get back to enjoying all of your regular activities in less pain...Blessings

Anonymous said...