Monday, January 19, 2009


I mentioned in my last post that the current module in my C&G is about Shape. I have been focussing on leaves as there is an abundance around me in the garden at the moment.

One exercise is to use Paintsticks and freezer paper stencils. You won't be surprised to hear that I have a large set of (fairly untouched) Shiva paintsticks. See my entry regarding my stash of stuff. Great thing was though, while searching for the paintsticks I found my beautiful (yes untouched) set of 30 Caran D'arche watercolour crayons which I was sure I had bought on a trip to the US but just couldn't find. I remembered procrastinating for ages about which set to buy but just couldn't remember actually buying them. I am so relieved I am not going mad!

This repeating motif is a passionfruit vine leaf - still waiting for the fruit to ripen. Traced and cutout onto freezer paper and then paintstick rubbed around edge and brushed onto fabric with an old toothbrush.

Nice effect - some thoughts are percolating for future ideas.

Next a stamp was made with a piece of thin foam and glued onto a piece of cardboard and stamped with acrylic paint in a pattern.

I am currently wrestling with a Hawaiian applique exercise which I suspect is not going to be my finest work. I have greater admiration for you appliquers out there now.


Judy said...


I like the exercise, leaves are fascinating things and always around us in myriad shapes and sizes

Anonymous said...

That passionfruit leaf is a wonderful shape-never thought to use one as a stamp ..Hmmmmmmmmm!! camcas

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Been there. I knew I has some fabric crayons but could not find them. Bought some more then went into the inks and dyes drawer and there they were where they had been every time I had looked in this same drawer but not seen them. I think I am going 'mad'. I spend too much time looking for stuff I know I have but can't remember where I put them. Reorganising the workroom has made it worse. May have found things I forgot I had but now can't remember where I have reorganised things to!!!!
The 'age' thing.
Try painting and printing the actual leaf - you get the veins then.

Quiltycat said...

This is like a trip down memory lane looking at these.....had to do this sort of thing at University for my teacher training. And you know how I don't like to have anything to do with paint!! I like the soft brush effect snd colours of the first pic. Quite subtle. Carmel