Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am trying to be good and do something creative every day that is not just dyeing or painting for Dyed & Gone to Heaven (DAGTH to its friends). So today I painted some figs. To be truthfully accurate I painted one fig. Peter had brought me two as well as a punnet of raspberries. The raspberries disappeared too quickly to paint and I had already eaten the other fig so painted the same one twice and then cut it in half and painted it again.
Then I ate it! - YUM!

I have just finished Module 3 of my City & Guilds Course and Module 4 is all about Textures - my favourite thing after colour so I am 'A Happy Little Vegemite ' - well known Australian saying.


Judy said...

Hi! Lisa,

Love the painting of the figs, I have to confess i never eat them but adore their colours.

Anonymous said...

they look good enough to eat!camcas

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

Love the colours - never seen inside a fig before.
Hope you can keep it up. I am on number 36 of my commitment with 329 to go!!! Looking for today's image.

RHONDA said...

Oh, yum! I thought it was too early for figs! They haven't shown up here yet, anyway, so I'm very jealous - both of the fig you got to eat, and your drawing ability. Well done!

margie said...

Hi Lisa,

They do look great. Reminds me I need to buy us a tree very soon. They are one of my favourite fruits and they didn't grow too well at Carey Downs. So far, most things are growing fast down here.