Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have made these boxes out of embellished paper for my C&G Course. I have been a bit remiss with my course work as I have been away for a while but I really enjoyed creating the paper and then making up the boxes.

I used large sheets of drawing paper which I covered in a paint wash and then rubbed them on bricks with crayons and then over the wire frame of a desk fan with Shiva Paint Sticks


Shirley Anne Sherris said...

It is lovely creating all these things but I have trouble finding space to store them. No good at selling unfortunately and don't like parting with things I like!!!
Do you have to take the pieces, post them or do they accept photographs?

Helen Conway said...

You really would never think we had been doing the same course. We did nothing like this. Paintsiks were never mentioned the whole course and when I told the tutor that I wasn't making a box for my container she said that was good because boxes were difficult and she wasn't the person to teach me how to make them!

Brenda said...

They're lovely

劉德華Andy said...

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