Sunday, March 15, 2009

Start Saving to Join me in Italy

I am absolutely thrilled to able to announce that I will be teaching in Italy next year.

I know it is a long way away until September 2010 but I have worked out it is only 80 weeks away until I host a week long course in Orvieto Italy for Bill and Kristi Steiner of Adventures in Italy.

My workshop is called Textile Treasures - Italy Inspired and will be a wonderful week of combining Surface Design Techniques with the taste and sights of one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Can you imagine anything more perfect?

We spent time in Orvieto a few years ago and it is one of our most favourite memories of Italy.

These images will hopefully start you thinking about joining me on this experience of a lifetime. I have worked out that if you start saving now it would only be US$35 a week (of course you would need to add your travel costs to that) but doesn't that sound achievable?


Judy said...


Oh! Lucky,lucky you!

Anonymous said...

oh Lisa-what a tease you are -it would be absolutely fantabulous...if only... camcas

Anonymous said...

Lisa, We truly can't wait to have you with us in Orvieto. Your work is amazing. Combine it with the inspiration of Italy and it will be one wonderful week!! Bill Steiner

Angelika Westermann said...

Oh Lisa, this is really tempting! And of course, 35 $ isn't that much!
I have been dreaming of this retreat since I first read about it in one of Stampington's publications about two years ago. I would love to visit Orvieto again - have been there about 40 years ago (when I was still young, sigh).