Saturday, April 11, 2009

Home Again

Well I am finally home after a wonderful time in Tasmania. I have never been and now I am ashamed of myself. It is really the most beautiful place and the wilderness areas are so beautiful.
I have taken zillions of photos and am so inspired.

I only have a few weeks at home before heading off again with so much to do but I will share some of my images with you.
This was the sunset from our cottage on the West Coast before the most sublime trip down the Gordon River.

The weather was so perfect - not a drop of wind to spoil the reflection of the mountains.

This was growing on a 2000 year old Huon Pine tree.

I taught lots of great classes too and the quilters of Tasmania are a wonderful bunch. We had so much fun and I am really looking forward to seeing the results of all their work.


Yvette said...

Tasmania would have to be one of the best places in the world for a holiday. The food is just amazing too! Hope you have come home with boundless inspiration for your quilts from the amazing colours and scenery in tassie.

Brenda said...

Now you're truly back