Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The sun came out today - a vast improvement on the cold, wet and windy welcome we had yesterday. This is the view from our B&B - very scenic.

We spent the whole day at the Christchurch Art Centre. Someone with vision has converted the old University into a thriving Arts Complex with resident artists, local quality crafts, good food and a general creative atmostphere that in most other cities I suspect would turn into a tourist hell.

I met some interesting artists who were happy to chat and came away feeling very inspired along with some unusual beads (what a surprise), some very yummy fudge and some great ideas.

As regular readers know - I always look for interesting products when I travel. I am very impressed at how potato chips/crisps are becoming so creative in their flavours. But I think Tomato Sauce & Mince Pie Flavour chips are something that would be only popular in NZ. Or am I wrong? Or maybe Sour Cream and Onion Soup Dip Flavour? I am sure I also saw a Roast Lamb and Mint Sauce Flavour!

As the sun sets we are sitting watching the water and starting to think about dinner.


Anonymous said...

that top photo looks like a quilt !!!!camcas

Jamie Fingal said...

Great pictures. The top one is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous photos - so jealous we loved new Zealand! And that Arts Complex was fantastic, I could have spent much longer there. Looks like you're having a great trip!

downunderdale said...

looks like you are having a good time Lisa - but without being pedantic I is the old university and where I spent many happy hours as a student. - Dale