Tuesday, August 25, 2009


One of the things I love doing anywhere is capturing images of textures and shapes for future reference. Especially relevant at the moment is creating pieces as class samples for my Orvieto workshop next year called Textured Treasures - A Taste of Italy. The purpose of the class is to create something that will remind you of a place using techniques such as beading, foiling ,rubbing and stitching etc.
So I am always on the lookout for textures and shapes to be part of these pieces.
Here are some wood carvings found today at the Te Puia Arts & Crafts Institute

As we are in Rotorua there are the mud pools and geyers which helped to keep us warm while walking around in the rain.

Of course plants are always a wonderful source of colour and texture

Aren't these flax leaves increadible?

Back to Orvieto - here is the link to sign up for their latest newsletter from Kristi & Bill just to keep you thinking about joining me next year in Italy.


Kristi Steiner said...

And what delectable textures we'll find together in Orvieto: ancient tufa stone walls built in Medieval times, cobblestone streets tread upon for centuries, grapes hanging heavy and ripe in the vineyards. It will be heavenly and we can't wait to see it through your eyes, Lisa!

Jamie Fingal said...

These images are amazing. Can you say Spoonflower? They would make such unique fabrics.