Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lucky Wellington

I have been in Wellington again for a few days for a great workshop with members of the Wellington Guild. I was fortunate enough to be taken to Minerva Bookshop in Cuba St Wellington and I was so glad as I had missed it by about one block on my first visit.

Unfortunately the owner Anne Scott wasn't there as I would have liked to have met her. She is also the founder of NZ Quilter which is a great magazine. However Clare Smith - who's work I have always admired was in there browsing so I was introduced to her and we had a nice chat.

The store is great with hundreds of textile related titles - many of which I hadn't seen before to browse which was great. Also some really interesting magazines which I had heard about but haven't seen like Selvage and 3Fold. Wellington textile artists are really lucky to have access to such a great store.

Some great textile bits and pieces too.

Also on in the store there was an exhibition called Illumination – which was a NANZQ challenge and there were some really creative and inspiring quilts on display. I think the exhibition is about to finish so it can go to the Quilt & Craft Fair next week i Hamilton so watch out for it if you are going. I will be there on Thursday just visiting too.

Grabbed some crispy and tasty fish from across the road and headed back to class and I really look forward to seeing some of the finished quilts very soon.


Helen said...

Hi Lisa

We are indeed very fortunate to have Minerva and NZ Quilter. I live about 2 1/2 hours north of Wellington and try and visit every school holidays. It is always my first stop.

Helen Conway said...

And my hotel is just around the corner so it was my planned first stop too. Its good to know it is as worth going as I hoped.

Judy said...


You made me drool at the Wellington bookshop, book shops are my favourite places even over quilt shops and book my very most favourite things in the world. Aurora quilts lovely.

Rayna said...

A dream come true - a bookshop with gallery space. How wonderful!