Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Quilt

One of my students on the weekend told me about the first quilt she had ever made and that it was one of mine so she sent me a photo. Thanks Bev.

It was Opalescence (later called Opal Fire) and it was also the first quilt I designed with my own fabrics. At the time the magazine I first submitted it to said that it was 'too contemporary for their readers'
How times have changed.


One Little Thread said...

"too contemporary" almost sounds like an oxymoron. I bet the magazine has changed their tune now! Alison

Judy said...


Agree entirely with what Alison said above. It's a lovely quilt so bright and cheery and appeals to me very much, one of the things I found when first quilting was the lack of contemporary quilts in the magazines.

Harmony Hopes Studio said...

The quilt is a beauty. Never mind the commentary from the magazine. Many of them are stuck in the traditional mode. Creativity is much more apparent in work that is unique in design and colour.