Thursday, October 15, 2009

Busy day

I didn't have time to blog yesterday as it was delivery day to the shippers for our last two shows of the year. Our house feels so empty now after two car loads of fabric. We needed to send everything for the Brisbane and Adelaide shows as they are only a week or so apart. I think it was our biggest load ever. This is only a part of it. I think there are about 40 tubs of gorgeous fabrics.

Then of course we needed to have lunch and went to our favourite hot pot restaurant where we dropped lots of goodies into this deliecious pair of soups.

One side is spicy and the other vegetables and mild. The white lumps are garlic gloves and the red berries are goji berries. Everything absorbs the soup and it is truely delicious.

We also went to the nursery to buy a trolley load of plants destined to become part of our continuing collection of dead things but we try. We have tons of mulch arriving today which needs shifting - another fun day.


Sue Dennis said...

Your lunch looks great! See you in Brisbane soon.
cheers, Sue

Maria said...

You are very busy people. How do you get time to put in plants as well??
Lunch looks yum!

Maria said...
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Harmony Hopes Studio said...

Wow! Good luck with your shows. Maybe if you weren't so busy, your plants would have a chance. Enjoy your summer! I never look forward to our cold, snowy winters which is quickly approaching.

Kt said...

I hope you missed us while you were eating hot pot!