Monday, October 5, 2009

A Day Off

Yesterday we went to the monthly Artisans' Arts & Craft Market at Everleigh Markets in Sydney. It was a bit bleak and raining and obviously the locals decided to stay home but we thought it was well worth the visit.
I spoke to lots of very talented artists whose work was definitely under-priced and was tempted many times.
Here are some of my favourites

Quite a few interesting printed textiles - mainly teatowels and bags printed on linen and cotton linen

Aren't these cute?

My favourite was Sarah Cowl who does the most incredible sculptures from monofilament and fine threads and then photographs them in minute detail. The sculptures were brilliant and the photos were art works on their own.

And did I buy anything - well yes of course - you have to support artists don't you.
These fabulous aluminium earrings by Allegria designs were too much for me to resist.

The stand is a little glasses stand I bought in the Los Angeles Art Gallery store a few years ago. Love it too.

Then we went to the NSW Art Gallery which I will tell you about tomorrow I think.

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